NSWR-lehti hakee uutta jäsentä päätoimittajakuntaan


Sosiaalityön tutkimuksen seura yhdessä neljän muun pohjoismaisen sosiaalityön tutkimuksen seuran kanssa muodostavat Pohjoismaisen sosiaalityön tutkimuksen seuran Nordic FORSAn (Förbundet för forskning i socialt arbete). Nordic FORSA julkaisee neljästi vuodessa tieteellistä lehteä Nordic Social Work Research (NSWR). Seurojen jäsenet voivat tilata lehteä jäsenetuhintaan 36 e/vuosi.

Nyt NRSW-lehti hakee uutta jäsentä päätoimittajakuntaan. Sosiaalityön tutkijoille vinkiksi hyvä tilaisuus, kannattaa hakea! Lisätietoja alla.


Seeking a co-Editor-in-Chief for Nordic Social Work Research.

This is a great opportunity for an academic with a commitment to social work research within the Nordic countries and with the drive and ability to promote and lead the journal.

From January 2024 Nordic Social Work Research’s editorial team will consist of two co-Editors-in-Chief and two Associate Editors. As co-Editor-in-Chief you will be responsible, alongside Monika Allgurin (your co-Editor-in-Chief), for the oversight and administration of a rigorous and proper peer review process that delivers an agreed amount of content of suitable scope and quality within a stated publication timeframe. You will also be expected to actively promote and develop the journal in the direction stated in our aims.

The Editor in Chief is responsible for the following activities:

  • Taking initial decisions on whether each submitted article is within the Journal’s scope and is appropriate for further independent peer review.
  • Ensuring all submitted manuscripts are considered in a prompt, consistent and professional manner.
  • Managing Associate Editors and/or reviewers when needed to ensure timely publication decisions.
  • Reviewing suitability of referees.
  • Ensuring that authors, members of the Editorial Board, and referees/reviewers adhere to the Journal’s Guidelines on Publishing Ethics to assure the integrity and reputation of the Journal is maintained.
  • Reading and summarizing reviewer feedback, and making decisions about acceptance, rejection, or revision on referees’ reports, to ensure high quality peer review feedback is provided to authors as well as communicating this in writing to authors in a professional manner and within a reasonable period.
  • Liaising with Associate Editors to ensure workload is divided fairly, that their role and responsibility is understood and that expectations around turnaround and quality have been defined.
  • Liaising promptly with Taylor & Francis staff and suppliers to implement necessary processes and improvements to the online peer review management system.

Alongside management of the peer review process, other responsibilities of the Journal Editor include:

  • Proactively and effectively managing the Journal’s Editorial Board, including refreshing its membership periodically to ensure appropriate expertise and diversity, providing members with updates, and arranging and leading Editorial Board meetings.
  • Acting proactively on any expressions of concern or allegations of research misconduct received about content published in the Journal and working with Taylor & Francis to resolve them.
  • Taking part in a regular review of the Journal’s performance with Taylor & Francis to set strategic development and development goals,

Becoming the editor of a journal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience where you have the opportunity to build your own networks, develop and promote the research in your field, and be recognized as a leading figure within the academic community.

There is a small honorarium associated with this role.

Here are the skills and attributes we are looking for in a successful applicant:

  • Experience in academic publishing and familiarity with all stages of the process.
  • The capacity to devote time each week to the role, and to attend editorial board meetings and training sessions as needed.
  • The ability to confidently use an online peer review management system and ensure members of the editorial team do the same.
  • The ability to read, summarize, and make decisions based on independent reviewer reports.
  • A commitment to communicating promptly, consistently, and professionally with authors during the peer review process.
  • A commitment to engaging promptly and efficiently with Taylor & Francis staff and suppliers to implement necessary processes and improvements.
  • The skills to promote the journal at national and international conferences and other fora.
  • A strong commitment to ethical rigour.
  • A willingness to proactively lead the journal’s editorial board, to include arranging and leading editorial board meetings.
  • A vision and enthusiasm for the continuous development of the journal.

Application process

Applications will need to be made online between 16th and 30th November. Please visit the journal website for a link to the application form and for further information about the journal. The website can be found here: https://www.tandfonline.com/journals/rnsw20


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